Unbricking a BIOS-bricked motherboard

Have you ever been in a situation when flashing a new BIOS goes wrong and your motherboard become a doorstop? We've all been there, so keep on reading.

How to flash a new BIOS without the motherboard even POSTing

Note: This tutorial is meant for AMI BIOSes. Said that, you can google the procedure for your particular BIOS.
Reading on floppy
  1. Download a working BIOS for your motherboard from a trusted website
  2. If it's an EXE or ZIP try to extract the files within with something like 7-Zip. The BIOS file should be:
  3. If your motherboard is old enough to have a floppy connector go head and plug it in
  4. If (lucky you) your motherboard doesn't have any floppy connector it means that you can just use a normal USB key
  5. Find a floppy (or a USB key) and format it using FAT
  6. Take the BIOS file, rename it to AMIBOOT.ROM and copy it to the floppy/USB key
  7. Insert the floppy/USB key in the right place
  8. If your motherboard has a PS/2 keyboard connector please use one, otherwise just use your normal USB keyboard
  9. While powering on your PC hold CTRL+HOME until you see the floppy drive/USB key LED blinking
  10. Wait until you hear 5 beeps
  11. Reboot